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Album Review: The Other ‘New Blood’

These past few weeks, we’ve had Rod Usher, singer of the German horrorpunk group The Other, submit his Top 10 horror rock songs and his Top 10 horror poster taglines. Now I’m here to review their new album, ‘New Blood’, which hits US stores tomorrow! Is The Other worth it for horror fans? Check out after the jump!


The album starts with the title track, which is a very horror-inspired symphonic instrumental that conjures up images of gothic mansions, creepy laboratories and dark cemeteries. It is a lead in to the ‘Back To The Cemetery’ which kicks in with sustained guitar chords and thick bass riffing, all with Rod Usher singing in a very operatic manner over top. The song shifts from full on punk to moments of metal riffing. It’s a very driving song and a very clear indicator of what to expect from the rest of the album.
The production of the album is spot on. Each instrument sounds pristine and the album is mixed very professionally. Perhaps this is a strange comment, but with the dark lyrical content and the ferocity of the songs, it almost feels like a bit of rawness here and there in the production would have worked. The only thing a bit off is the vocals sometimes go a bit off key, but as I just mentioned, with the feel of the songs, it actually works in favor rather than against.
Lyrically, this album is a treat to any horror fan. Each song deals with some topic of horror, ranging from live burial to Transylvania to Castle Rock. ‘Castle Rock’ is a special treat for any Stephen King fan as there are references to many of his books in the lyrics. I had to have a friend come in and translate the lyrics to ‘Hier Kommt Die Dunkelheit’, as I’m not exactly well-versed in German. While translating, she shivered and proclaimed the lyrics were ‘‘Spooky!’’ 
Overall, ‘New Blood’ is a high-energy album that is a great deal of fun. This album will definitely be making rounds at my next Halloween party.
4 out of 5 skulls



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