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Album Review: The Birthday Massacre ‘Pins and Needles’

There are those that think some music falls under the category of ‘guilty pleasure listening’. I personally believe that NO music should be a guilty pleasure! Plant your feet, square your shoulders and let it be known that what you enjoy listening to is what you enjoy listening to, no excuses or reasons. I’m going to go public right now and say that I still blast out Aqua on occasion. Yes, the ‘Barbie Girl’ group. Am I ashamed? NOPE! Not at all! 
The reason for this diatribe is that I can easily see someone saying, in hushed whispers, that they listen to The Birthday Massacre. Well, if you check out my review after the jump, you’ll see if those hushed tones are necessary or not.

The album starts off with ‘In The Dark’, which is the current single and a music video was released for it recently. It’s one of the heavier tracks on the album but still conveys what to expect: Chunky guitar riffs, melancholic vocals, and 80’s inspired synths and keys. It’s a highly polished song that flows easily from one part to another and is very catchy. 
The production on this album is very nice and neat. Everything sounds very polished and each instrument is easily understandable. The bass fills in the necessary low end that an album like this needs to produce. The guitars range from chunky distortion to effect-driven clean tones that add texture. The synths avoid overused pads, instead opting for immediately apparent tones that sparkle above the music. The drums never get bogged down with trying to impress, choosing instead to play what the songs need. The cymbals sizzle pleasantly and the rest of the drums have a solid attack and thump behind them. The vocals are mixed in at the perfect level.
Sure, the look of the band might turn away some potential listeners, but who wants them anyways? If the look of a band is what turns you away, rather than their music, you’ve got the wrong mindset. The Birthday Massacre has put out a solid album in ‘Pins and Needles’ that is immensely enjoyable and can be appreciated at face value. 
4 out of 5 skulls



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