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Haarp Releasing ‘The Filth’ On Nov. 23rd

New Orleans metal band haarp will be releasing their newest album, ‘The Filth, on Phil Anselmo’s (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual) record label, Housecore Records. The artwork is credited to Paul Booth, whose art and tattoo work are famous throughout the music world. 

Phil Anselmo – “To call haarp “slow” would be somewhat fair, but to say that they’re just “another slow band” would be sacrilege,” states label owner Philip Anselmo. “Their music is crushing, resolute, dramatic and conceptually insane. If critics are going to try and lump them into any one genre, than they’d better put the crown on haarp’s collective heads once it’s picked. This ain’t Doom Metal by any stretch. haarp makes playing halftime sound like an original idea all over again. This music is essential.”



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