Metal Without Distortion Doesn't Feel Right at All - Bloody Disgusting
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Metal Without Distortion Doesn’t Feel Right at All



One of the main reasons I listen to metal is because of the catharsis I feel when hearing all that distortion and anger. My body releases any stress or anxiety that I might have built up and I sit back amidst a sea of healing rage. I feel lighter, more calm and at peace with the world around me after I blast a good metal album.

So why the fuck did this guy think it was a smart idea to play iconic metal tracks from bands like Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer without distortion?! It’s SO unsatisfying! In fact, it only adds to my daily annoyance level and I’m really displeased. I gotta go listen to something with heaps of distortion to feel better about life in general. Meshuggah, here I come!