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Album Review: TesseracT ‘Concealing Fate EP’

Earlier this year, I was turned onto a song called ‘Deception, Concealing Fate’ by an English progressive/tech metal band called TesseracT. Within the first minute I was hooked and by the end of the song I wanted more. I kept thinking how great of a sound these guys had and how sonically tight their music was. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a CD that I could order or a demo I could find. So, I just had to be patient and see what would come of these guys. Along comes Century Media, signs the band, and a demo EP is announced within months. Joy! So, after getting my eager mitts on a copy, I got to see what these guys could do with multiple tracks. Check after the jump for the answer.

The EP kicks off with ‘Acceptance’, a track that in the beginning reminded me very much of ‘Umbra’ off of Karnivool’s ‘Sound Awake’ album. There are spacious guitars, tight ‘djent’ riffing and intricate drumming. Singer Dan Tompkins showcases his impressive vocal range by going from gentle croons to furious screams. The thing that struck me the most about this track was how smooth everything sounded. Even though I was listening to a progressive/tech metal band, there was nothing abrasive about the sound: Everything flowed with great ease.
The production of the album is fantastic. Each instrument has wonderful attention paid to the tone and the level within the mix. It’s really unnecessary to go over each instrument as the album feels complete and cohesive. 
The rest of the album is as much of a sonic rollercoaster as ‘Acceptance’: Each track starts you in one place and by the end of the song, takes you somewhere completely else. The renamed ‘Deception’ is an amazing track that goes through multiple emotions as the song progresses and ends with some awesome, extremely tight ‘djent’ riffage that is sure to inspire some head banging. 
The Final Verdict: TesseracT’s ‘Concealing Fate’ EP is an astounding release that is one of the first records in a while that has made me go back to it over and over. Each time I hear it, I want to hear more and if this is what their EP is like, I cannot wait for a full-length release. 



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