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Album Review: Twitch The Ripper ‘Bodiless’

Twitch the Ripper have been making waves lately in the electronic world, doing several dates with The Birthday Massacre as well as an upcoming show with Combichrist. Jon Dobyns (vocals, synth, guitars) sent us a Top 10 Horror Movie list, which was a huge hit with you readers. Now, with their debut album, ‘Bodiless’, about to be released, we bring you our review. Is the album worth picking up? Is their music as good as their taste in horror? Find out after the jump!

TTR_bodiless cover

The album kicks off with ‘Disconnected’, a song that is definitely more energetic than much of the rest of the album. It’s a song that sounds like something you would hear in your local goth/industrial club. There are fat analog textures mixed with atmospheric guitars. Very good use of panning makes the song feel spacious. The only thing that hinders this song a little bit is some of the vocals are a bit off-key, which comes up now and again through the rest of the album. 
The production on ‘Bodiless’ is very solid, especially for a self-produced, self-recorded album. There could stand to be a bit more in the low-end register, especially for this genre of music. Also, as mentioned before, some of the vocals aren’t spot on tune, but those moments are few and far between and nowhere near crippling to the overall experience. 
Two songs I especially enjoyed were ‘Never Got You Anywhere’ and ‘A Place For Polaris’. Both tracks had interesting patches and textures that grabbed me. ‘Never Got You Anywhere’ had some great vocal harmonies and ‘A Place For Polaris’ built steadily to a very satisfying conclusion, doubling as a great way to end ‘Bodiless’. 
The Final Word: Don’t expect the ‘dance’ feeling of Depeche Mode but also don’t go into this expecting Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works. ‘Bodiless’ treads the line between both to deliver something that makes you alternately want to tap your foot and sit back and reflect as the music washes over you. As debut albums go, Twitch The Ripper are off to a great start. 



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