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Despised Icon Talk About Upcoming Six Shows That End Their Career



Canadian metal act Despised Icon have decided to throw in the towel and disband. However, instead of canceling their world tour plans, they decided to stick it out, giving fans a last opportunity to see them perform. Here are some words from Alex Erian:

“It’’s been a while already since we made THE announcement and I know some of you are probably saying ‘WTF, these guys still aren’t done yet?!’ Well, instead of canceling the tours we had in the works at the time, we figured it’’d be a good opportunity to play in our favourite cities, tour in a few countries we had never visited before and rock out with you guys for the last time.
“After touring in 24 countries in the last 6 months, we’’re finally back home and getting ready to play our last Quebec and Ontario shows next week.  This final world tour was simply amazing and since this is the last time we check-in with you guys, I just want to sincerely thank you all once again for all your help and support.  We’’ve had some good fucking times together!
“For those who were planning on coming to our final Montreal shows, we have a few surprises for you.  The original Despised Icon line-up (2002-2006) will make its appearance and play a few songs from the first 2 albums!  We’re also happy to announce that our brothers in Ion Dissonance and Beneath The Massacre will be supporting their new records for the first time at home and ABACABB will also be playing one of their last shows ever with us.  Our homies in The Acacia Strain, Oceano and Mychildren Mybride will also be part of the event.  It’s gonna be epic. will film and host the entire last set on their website for free so make sure you demonstrate how we do things in MTL!  See you soon!”


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