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Aliens #1 Quick Look at Dark Horse’s Revivial



The biggest new release this week was Dark Horse’s Aliens #1. If you purchase the comic this week, you get another free Aliens/Predator comic and a really sweet double sided poster of Aliens/Predator. Luckily the comic had absolutely no predators in it. But did it actually show any Aliens? Read on after the break for more info….
Aliens01 I wasn’t exactly sure where Aliens was going to start, was it going to take the survival horror way with the original Alien or go super action like Aliens. The comic takes both in consideration and immediately subjects to images of a pack of Aliens attacking a helpless soldier and then…nothing. Then as soon as that was shown the comic goes into detail about a starship and it’s crew going to an unknown planet to check on strange goings on. I don’t want to go much more in depth, but the best I can say about this issue was it felt like an Aliens movie.

Aliens’ pencils are done by Zach Howard. Howard is a big favorite of mine since he’s worked on Star Wars: Dark Times and the Shaun of the Dead comic. Howard really can draw an Alien well and knows how to panel a page and evoke the emotions he wants the reader to feel.

Aliens #1 was a pretty good first issue in a revamp, it gives enough action and horror and plants in enough questions to want you to get the next one. AND an extra free comic and poster don’t hurt the deal either.


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