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Spindrift Announce ‘Classic Soundtracks’

Psychedelic band Spindrift have announced their next album as ‘Classic Soundtracks’ and expect it to be out this spring. The strange concept behind this album is that each song is based off of a movie the band conceived in their minds. Trippy, huh? To further this concept, each song will have its own music video, each done by a different director. The first video to come out will be for the song ‘Theme From Confusion Range’ and is directed by Simon Chan who did Dead Meadow’s ‘The Three Kings’. Here’s the cool part: frontman Kirpatrick Thomas says “It’s an homage to 70’s slasher films and was filmed in Joshua Tree, California.” Count me among the intrigued!

Spindrift’s music also recently appeared in ‘Hell Ride‘, which was produced by Quentin Tarantino.



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