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Retro Review: Static-X ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’

I’m gonna take you on a dark journey. Back to when bubblegum pop ruled every radio and TV station. Back when metal started becoming super awful and mainstream. This journey goes back 12 years ago, the year was 1999. Fortunately, if you looked hard enough you could find yourself a somewhat decent metal band. That year one of my favorite industrial metal albums came out. It was Static-X’s “Wisconsin Death Trip”. 

Is this album still as rad as it was 12 years ago? Was it even really good when it came out? Well I’ll be the judge of that. Read past the break for the review!

The album’s opener is “Push It”, which you can identify super quick with the first snare hit of the song. “Push It” was such a quick, fast, heavy and above all super catchy song. It felt like at one point everyone liked that song, but none the less it is one of the best opening songs I have ever heard and to this day the song still rules. 

The album picks up the pace with the next two songs “I’m With Stupid” and “Bled For Days” which are just as catchy as the album’s opening song. Some of the best songs on the album though never really got much attention mainly due to the fact that they were a little slower, but songs like “Stem” and “December” really showed off the extent of Wayne Static’s talents. Not too mention how much Skinny Puppy had an influence. 
I’ve been listening to this album about once or twice a week for the past month and I must say it really holds up. The album is really entertaining and was really well produced. The album still isn’t boring and is just as catchy as I remember it being the first time I listened to it. To this day the album remains a fan favorite and I can see why. 
My final thoughts: It’s still rad. I think this album is still good and a nice addition to my record collection. If you own this album go back and listen to it. If you remember liking it chances are you still do and will enjoy yourself. If you’ve never heard this album before I’d suggest watching the video above of “Push It” and ask yourself why am I not listening to this album right now? 



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