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Album Review: Clandestine ‘The Invalid’

We’ve been lucky enough here at Bloody-Disgusting to bring you an interview with Clandestine guitarist Dan Durakovich as well as the exclusive premiere for the track ‘Fracture’. So, with all this content, how does the rest of it sound? After the jump, you can find out as I tackle their first full-length album, ‘The Invalid’. 

‘Fearless’ kicks off the album with an intro sounding like old Dream Theater. The first thing I noticed was the very solid sounding production. Everything sounded crisp and solid, although I could hear a few things that failed to stand out for me. The first time June started singing, it sounded off-key until I paid more attention to how the music changed. There are some interesting progressions and changes. In any case, ‘Fearless’ starts the album properly, letting the listener know what is coming.

The production of the album is pretty much spot on. The only thing that I was left craving was some more ‘sizzle’ coming from the cymbals. They seemed to have lost some of the higher frequencies in the production phase. The bass guitar sounds fantastic, especially when it comes to the front and takes the lead. The various keyboard and synth patches are often very interesting and curiously chosen.

The rest of the album plays with genres ranging from prog metal, alternative, jazz, ambient, electronica, and more. The multitude of genres makes it a great album for multiple listens. In the interview with Dan, he comments that some of his influences are Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree. It definitely shows. The last track, ‘Comatose’, ends the album on a strange note, as it is almost happy-poppy sounding, which does not reflect the mood that the rest of the album put forth.

The Final Word: Don’t be turned off by the “progressive” label, Clandestine have put out an incredibly solid first album that deserves to be checked out. I expect to see these guys reaching great heights and soon.

Check out: ‘Phantom Pain’, ‘The Invalid’, ‘Philistine’



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