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Album Review: Yelawolf ‘Trunk Muzik 0-60’

With not a lot of releases last week, I thought I would travel back to a November release I did not know existed until recently. Yelawolf is a rap artist from Alabama whose name is making rounds in the underground scene because of his work with Bizarre of D-12 and a future track with Tech N9ne. He is scheduled to bring his unique style to Warped Tour this summer, so anyone attending should be sure to check out this review of “Trunk Muzik 0-60.”


The first track “Get the Fuck Up” sounds like the best track to hear him perform live. With a banging beat, half the song is rapping and the other half is almost yelling. It does not do much as far as how talented he is though, not like track two “Daddy’s Lambo” does. He shows off how the dirty south can pull off that speed up slow down style the Midwest perfected. Track three “That’s What We on Now” slows down with a hook about a country girl and a pick up truck that makes him sound like the artist from Alabama he is. Track four is the club jam “I Just Wanna Party.” Featuring mainstream artist Gucci Man, this track will definitely get stuck in your head. Track five “Billy Crystal” has a very enjoyable beat, but it is definitely not some of his best writing. It focuses too much on the story and not enough on the lyrics. Track six, “Pop the Trunk,” slows down the beat as the lyrics get real gangsta. Track seven “Box Chevy” is another slower beat that speeds up the lyrics in a way that no one could do better. Track eight “Good To Go” brings you a crunk hook with fast lyrics. This track features underground king Bun B and could have been the best track on the album if Bun B just had a couple more bars to do his thing. Track nine “Marijuana” is my favorite track on the album. It features a heavy guitar riff on the beat with more of a straightforward delivery in his rapping. Track ten “Love is Not Enough” is the very catchy love story of the album with very smooth lyrics. Track eleven “I Wish” features Wu Tang Clan alumni Raekwon. It has a very nice drum track in the beat and the lyricists complement each other nicely. The album ends with track “Trunk Muzik.” It’s a nice mellow beat with lots of bass to end the album, but he sings a little too much in the hook. He could have gotten someone with a nicer voice on the hook to make it the perfect ending to the album.



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