Album Review: Deadlock 'Bizarro World' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: Deadlock ‘Bizarro World’



Melodic death metal is a strange genre: People either love it or hate it. I’m in the former category, as I love having heavy riffs mixed with a lot of melody. It’s what gets my blood pumping. So, when I got a copy of Deadlock’s ‘Bizarro World’, I was cautiously excited because it sounded like music that was right up my alley. So, did I enjoy it? Find out, my dear reader, after the jump!


The album opens up with ‘Virus Jones’, which is, all BS aside, one badass track. It sounds fantastic, each instrument clear unto itself yet the song very cohesive. The best thing about this track is the powerful groove that permeates the whole song. The opening riff is driving, crunchy and incredibly tight and the instruments play very well off of each other. The differentiation between Johannes’ and Sabine’s voice are stark, yet they both fit the song just the way they should: Johannes gives the song the anger and violence that it needs while Sabine accentuates the beauty and melody. 
Production wise, the album sounds incredible. Each instrument is mixed wonderfully, sounding rich and deep. This is an album that has a vast amount going on and will require multiple listens. There are vast amounts of layers during certain parts of the songs, mixing the guitars/bass/drums that you expect with techno beats and synth patches.
My only complaint when it comes to ‘Bizarro World’ is that I very quickly learned the structure of the songs. Once you get the pattern of one song, it’s a safe bet that you know how the rest of the songs are going to play out. However, too much of a good thing is still a good thing. 
The Final Word: If you like this style of music, you will love this album. If you’re ambivalent, you’ll remain so. If you don’t like it, this album won’t change your mind at all. Personally, I enjoyed the album a great deal and will definitely be coming back to it in the future.


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