Album Review: King Gordy Sings The Blues - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: King Gordy Sings The Blues



Many years ago my taste in music extended to the horribly offensive. With a love for the music of artists like GG Allin and A*al C*nt, I figured the more offensive the lyrics the more amusing it was. In the last couple of years, hip-hop’s most offensive artist has been King Gordy. However, before you get too excited, though the King of Horrorcore takes a slightly different direction with his latest release, King Gordy Sings the Blues.


Having a unique voice is what allows Gordy to try many different styles on this release. The first track “Never Seen a Man” has a heavy funk beat with a nice base track and a hook that shows the vocal range of Gordy. Track two “Party Outside” has a hook that gives it the feel of as club jam as the lyrics tell an entertaining story. Track three “I Don’t Need Ya” is Gordy’s attempt at a love song. The best part of the track comes at the 2:28 mark when Gordy starts a very smooth uninterrupted flow. Track four “Gordy the Great” shows the story telling skills Gordy possesses with very creative rhyming. Track five” I’ll Fly Away” shows a more serious side to his writing in this song about life growing up in Detroit. Track six “Banned from Tv” is my favorite track on the album. It is a hilarious story about trying to make it famous but being too different, backed by a very cheerful beat. Track seven” Bridges to Burn” is a lot like track five but with a slower beat and a different sad story. Track eight “Mrs. Calgon” is another great track on the album. It has such a unique beat for a rap song. The track tells the story of an eighth grade boy in love with his teacher, and what eighth grader out there didn’t have at least one hot teacher? Track nine “Somethin’ for You” is the first track to get violent like the Gordy I enjoy listening to. The track comes off more gansta then horrorcore but violence is violence and I will take it. The next track “Lovebirds” follows two different sad love stories. This track, along with a couple others on the album, really help it live up to the title Sings the Blues. The last track on the album”Rule the World” sounds like a track right off an old Outcast album. It is a very high energy and fun track. The album breaks down like this. If you are already familiar with King Gordy, get this album. You will appreciate the difference from his past releases. However, if you have no idea who King Gordy is, then I would advise to check out some of his past releases first. This album just does not stack up against his King of Horrorcore mix tapes or Xerxes the God King album.


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