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Alright Soccer Moms, Start Squealing As A New NKOTBSB Album Is In The Works

The New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys ‘NKOTBSB’ tour is already selling out all over the country and fans are going completely nuts. And let’s be honest, why shouldn’t they? When it comes to the numbers, both of these groups are at the top of the pop genre, regardless of how long it’s been since they were “popular”. Because of this renewed interest, the two groups are putting out an album that features five fan picked songs from each group AND a track where the two bands will collaborate on a new song, ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’. Also on the album will be the mash-up that NKOTBSB has performed a couple of times, most notably on New Years Eve and at the 2010 AMAs.

What happens when Donnie Wahlberg listens to some of his old stuff



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