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Live Review: TesseracT Rocks Detroit

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to go and check out TesseracT, one of my favorite new bands, rocking the Magic Stick in Detroit, Michigan. Calling them new is a bit misleading as they’ve been in the underground scene for years. However, since signing to Century Media Records, their rise in popularity is nothing short of astounding. They’re currently nominated in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods as “Best New Band” (cast your votes here), they’ve toured all over the world and they have several surprises up their sleeves for 2011 alone (I can’t say what yet, but it’s awesome). Check after the jump for some live photos and a review.

Opening up with ‘Hollow‘, TesseracT quickly gained the appreciation and admiration of the crowd. This was something I noticed last time I saw them, when they opened up for Devin Townsend at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. Something about this band speaks to people, even if they’ve never seen them before. The crowd will, within three songs at the most, start wildly cheering, moshing and headbanging along to the music. In point of fact, I had a few bruises on my back from people continuously slamming into me during songs like ‘Deception‘, ‘Epiphany‘ and ‘Acceptance‘. 
The guys seemed to be having a great time on stage and fed off the energy of the crowd. With very few exceptions, they were 100% on point and incredibly tight, which, with their music, is extremely necessary. Vocalist Dan Tompkins moved sinuously at some moments, violently jagged at others, all while hitting notes with astonishing accuracy. Bassist Amos Williams continues to amaze me with his playing style. It fills up spaces and takes technique that I’ve rarely seen other bassists utilize. Both Acle Kahney and James Monteith flew through syncopated guitar passages with the greatest of ease and drummer Jamie Postones pounded out rhythms that would make Mike Portnoy scratch his head in confusion.
For their first time playing Detroit, and barring unforeseen technical issues (damn you Acle’s amp!), TesseracT gave a perfect example of what they are capable of and beyond. Here’s to hoping they rock Joe Louis next time they come around.

TesseracT – April 26th Magic Stick, Detroit, MI
Set List:
3-The Impossible 
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