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Left 4 Dead DLC Coming Soon

It’s a bit of a slow week for video game news with the holidays and all, but there is a bit of fantastic news we can all get excited about. It looks like coming soon there will be a new campaign for Left 4 Dead on the PC and the Xbox 360. This was found out on a video podcast from Kotaku.

Also with the DLC will be competitive mode for Death Toll and Dead Air. And there are hints of a “movie editor”, where you will be able to capture and edit gameplay, but that if it comes out at all will be after the new campaign(s). PC players will also be getting their SDK so they can create and edit their own levels.

As far as cost, it looks like it will probably be free for PC players as Valve has always done this for their PC gamers. It’s unknown about the DLC for Xbox 360 players, though it seems most things on Xbox live are never free. Microsoft is forcing Valve to charge for Team Fortress 2 content, so who knows.



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