Just As Soon As Everything Comes Together...Splatterhouse Gets Jacked - Bloody Disgusting
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Just As Soon As Everything Comes Together…Splatterhouse Gets Jacked



Reports on Kotaku say there is a nasty rumor that Bottlerocket, the creators behind the new Splatterhouse game just got their game stolen right from under their noses. They say Namco came in on Friday and took the developer kits, and intend on having the team that did Afro Samurai finish the already almost completed game up.

Word is they may be open a few more months, or maybe be closed down for good. Splatterhouse was the only game Bottlerocket had in the works, and it was starting to look real good for them after this trailer came out. And now they have almost finished a game that had the potential to be pretty popular and make them some money, and it got jacked right out from under them. Hopefully these are just rumors, but I get a bad feeling they aren’t.


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