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Calling All Old Skool Resident Evil Fans

Capcom will be raising the dead next week, by releasing Resident Evil (1) Directors Cut, in, on, and around the Playstation Network on May 28th. That’s right kids, for only $9.99 you can play teh game right off your PS3.

Resident Evil was 1st released in 1996, and the Directors Cut came out in 97. The difference between the 2 was in the D.C. version:

* New Costumes – The default outfits for Chris and Jill (as well as Rebecca) are different in Arranged Mode. The player can also change to their character’s original outfit by going to the dressing room within the mansion’s first floor.

* New Camera Angles – Several areas and a few cutscenes are now viewed from different angles.

* Different Item and Enemy Placement – Many of the key items in the game were relocated and placed in different areas. Many of the enemies were also relocated, with some areas featuring more enemies than they did in the original.

* New Handgun – The original Beretta 92F is replaced with a Beretta 92F Inox with wood grips and is referred to as the Custom Beretta. The Inox has a faster firing rate and the ability to randomly kill certain enemies with one shot.

* New Enemies – A zombie version of Forest Speyer appears as an enemy in the mansion’s terrace instead of the usual pack of crows. In addition, there are also “Hyper Zombies”.

A Beginner Mode is also included within the game in which the player’s life and weapons’ firepower are increased and the quantities of ammunition and ink ribbons are doubled. The auto-aiming feature that was missing in the English-language version of the original was also restored, allowing the player to lock onto targets with the press of a button.

Thanks to residentevil.wikia for the info about R.E.D.C.



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