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Dead Island, Still In The Works!

Thanks to our friend AfterTheAsylum for the tip on this, because I myself had been wondering about the status on Dead Island. Apparently over at Techland they are keeping it on lockdown, but it’s apparently still moving along nicely. I can’t wait to see some footage on it, because done correctly this could be a great game.

“I can understand how impatient our fans must be to see more news and assets from Dead Island,” said Techland international brand manager Blazej Krakowiak in an e-mail to G4.”Unfortunately our agreement with the game’s worldwide publisher imposed a media silence on us. All we are allowed to say is that the game is in development and doing great and that all future updates regarding the game will come directly from the publisher. I know it’s not much at the moment,” said Krakowiak. “We’re really excited with what we’ll be able to share with fans but for the moment our hands are tied.”

The game is being made for the PC and Xbox 360, no release date is on the horizon, but I’m excited!



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