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Let’s Play Left 4 Dead 2, Together!

So Tuesday is the day. Grab your shotguns, your machetes, your pre-ordered baseball bats. Find your friends, your family, and strangers hiding in the shadows. Help each other stay alive. Don’t forget to crouch if you run out firing in front of your friends, so you don’t get shot in the back. Throw molitovs a safe distance away from your teammates.

Left 4 Dead 2 comes out on Tuesday for the 360 and PC, and we thought we would give you the chance you offer up your Xbox Live Gamertag, and your Steam account name, in case you wanted to join up with other BD members in zombie killing madness. So go ahead and post your gamer names in the comments below!

UPDATE: BD Member danifilth1985 started a Bloody Disgusting group on Steam, join up!



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