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3 Words. Alien. Zombie. Death.

Video game news is pretty slow this holiday season, I apologize for the lack up updates. Not much of a story line, but in Alien Zombie Death you take control of a space man as he fights alien zombies until your end. You rock a laser gun and can pick up items and upgrades along the way. The game is PSP only, and releases sometime this month.

Past the break for 3 screens and a small amount of game info. – Available in Jan 09 as a downloadable PSP mini. Price is likely to be around £2.50 / $5.00
– Game play is very retro. Very platform-y. Very shoot-em-up-y. Very fun.
– 14 levels. So, method and location of death is completely up to you.
– A menagerie of Alien Zombie fiends. Fat ones. Green ones. Flying ones. Burpy types.



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