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BioShock 2 DLC Coming Very Soon

So, if I can pry my face off my tv screen after my 48 straight hours of playing Final Fantasy XIII coming up next week I’ll be buying the 1st BioShock 2 DLC. Known as the “Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack” this pack will be loaded with multiplayer goodness. It’s going to cost 400 space bucks (Microsoft Points), and $4.99 on the Playstation 3. I seriously wish Microsoft would start actually just charging normal money like Playstation does, seriously are we still using monopoly money?

March 11th is the date, and in the upcoming weeks there will be an announcement for more multiplayer DLC in addition to single play extending downloadable content. Past the break for screens and DLC features. • Rank increase to level 50 with Rank Rewards
• New playable characters – Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca
• 20 new trials (Available after the rank of 40)
• A third weapon upgrade for each weapon
• Five additional masks (Available after the rank of 40)



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