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Gamescom: Dragon Age II

In Dragon Age 2 you play as Hawke. His story will span 10 years in the Dragon Age universe. From a refugee to the champion of Kirkwall you will watch and play as Hawke’s story unfolds. Like the 1st game you will be given hard choices that will make your gameplay experience different from everyone else.

The game will be released March 8th, 2011 for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Screens past the break. “The Dragon Age franchise got off to a tremendous start. With Dragon Age 2, we are building on the outstanding RPG fundamentals the original delivered while taking the franchise in a new direction with faster, more responsive combat that will allow players to think like a general, but fight like a Spartan,” said Mark Darrah, executive producer at BioWare. “We are giving the franchise’s gameplay a shot of adrenaline. We can’t wait to get the game in people’s hands so they can feel the difference.”



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