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My Childhood Is Being Brought Back To Life With Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Back when my friend Ryan and I were just wee little lads, we used to sit around and play video games. And that was about it. Well, Ryan’s mom had bought him Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan) thinking it was a new Zelda game. She was wrong, but her mistake ended up changing our lives forever. We played that game. We played the hell out of it. Together. You could each use a controller during battles and you each had full control over all characters. So we split up the characters and played.

Being our 1st RPG, it pulled us into the Roll Playing Game world and never let go. From just about every Final Fantasy game, to Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, Secret Of Evermore, Earthbound, we didn’t stop. Well, 20 some odd years later, here we are again. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is being released on the PSP sometime this spring in Europe and other PAL territories. If this means I’m going to have to buy it and have it shipped to the U.S., I don’t really care. I just WANT IT NOW. More past the break. The critically-acclaimed and much-loved FINAL FANTASY IV tells the story of Cecil, a dark knight whose quest for redemption leads him into the midst of a battle to decide the fate of the world. More than a decade after its conclusion, his son Ceodore, hero of THE AFTER YEARS, faces a similar challenge – but has he the strength to follow in his father’s footsteps?

· Definitive collection of one of the greatest RPGs of all time: First packaged release of THE AFTER YEARS
· An epic tale spanning nations, worlds, and generations: Brand new stories to further expand the revolutionary story line of FINAL FANTASY IV
· All new cast of friends family, and foes: Fall in love with Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, and Edge again while getting to know Ceodore and a whole new cast of characters
· Vibrant visuals and unforgettable melodies: Includes all new 2D graphics designed for PSP System’s 16×9 format, plus a new arrangement of one of the most acclaimed video game soundtracks of all time!



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