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This Bunch of New F.3.A.R. Screens Look Scary Good

Originally planned for a release next month, F.3.A.R. was recently pushed back to a yet-to-be-revealed May release so it could get a little extra time for polishing. So to tide us over Warner Bros. has provided our hungry eyeballs with a bunch of brand new screenshots, all of which can be seen after the jump.

In case you aren’t too familiar with the goings on with this game, it’s a cooperative shooter set firmly in the action/horror genre where you and a friend (or assorted stranger) can team up and kill a metric fuckton of baddies. You’ll be able to choose between the Point Man, your basic gun-wielding, cover-taking soldier who also just so happens to have a miraculous ability to slow down time. Or, you can choose his brother Paxton Fettel, the series’ longtime villain who comes armed with some snazzy supernatural abilities including possession and telekinesis. Head past the jump for some scary new screens.



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