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The Rockin’ Dead Spices Up The Point And Click With 3D

Point and click adventures are not my “bag”. I find them rather boring, and I wonder why companies spend so much time making them instead turning out anything else. BUT, this game could have a saving grace. The Rockin’ Dead will be in 3D. The game uses Anaglyph 3D technology (I don’t know what that means) in the game, and you can use your own 3D glasses or the ones that come with the game.

In The Rockin’ Dead you play as Alyssa, the leader of the all girl heavy metal band Deadly Lullabyes. The band is on their way to a mysterious gig when they crash in the boonies and Alysaa finds that her 2 band mates have disappeared. She heads out to find them, but she runs into some crazy shit along the way. Screens past the break, the game will be out sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2011 for the PC only.



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