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Hell Yeah The 3DS Can Do Netflix, What Of It?!

If my sources are correct, the Nintendo 3DS will be the 1st Nintendo “system” ever to be released with no Mario game at launch. That is LUDICROUS! However, Nintendo will rectify shorty after the release of the 3DS by bringing Super Mario 3D out. It is currently being made by the same team that had done the Super Mario Galaxy games for the Wii.

The 3DS releases March 27th, and near the end of May, users will get an update activating the Nintendo eShop. The update will also include a way for 3DS owners to transfer their DSiWare games to their 3DS. More past el breako. Features for the eShop:

* A short-form video service will let people view trailers for Hollywood movies in 3D and access video game trailers, screen shots, background information and links to publishers’ websites. Content will include short video clips, such as comedy shorts or music videos, selected by Nintendo and delivered to Nintendo 3DS users who choose to receive them.
* Downloadable classic games via the portable Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console™ service will include Game Boy™ and Game Boy Color games, as well as those from the Game Gear and TurboGrafx-16 systems.
* “3D Classics” will introduce select classic video games remastered in 3D.
* Games currently offered as Nintendo DSiWare™ and an Internet browser will be available.

Moving along to the title of the article that hopefully got you to read this far, this Summer they will be introducing Netflix streaming to the Nintendo powerhouse. Basically you can watch movies anywhere you hit a Wi-Fi hotspot. Speaking of hot spots, Nintendo smartly teamed up with AT&T so Nintendo 3DS users will have access to over 10,000 wireless hotspots accross the country. That access will be released with the update in late May.



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