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Dead Meets Lead Demo, The Challenge



Well, since today is seemingly all about zombies (sort of baring the half of the Resident Evil news) I figured fuck it, have some more zombie related game news. Any ways, I posted a few articles about Dead Meets Lead, and though it may seem like another zombie game for the PC, this game takes place around 300 years ago. You are the religious captain of a ship that gets taken out by a violent storm.

You surface on a zombie infested island and decide in the name of god you will destroy these zombie bastards yourself. In The Challenge you get your chance to play through a level of the game before its release on May 3rd. As it sounds, the “demo” will not be easy. If you do complete it however you will get your name etched into the hall of fame on the Dead Meets Lead official website. Screens past the break. “We’ve done quite a bit of testing with this map, both in-house and with our beta testers from the forum, and we’re really positive about the outcome. The idea with the map is to really tease all the competitive and skilled gamers out there in a ‘How far can you get’ kind of way. The map is by no means impossible, but if you want to be among the lucky few on the Hall of Fame, be prepared to play this map a few times.”
– Fredrik Norén, CEO, Keldyn Interactive


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