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Not Everyone Is Happy About Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

While many of us are still reeling over the reveal of a squad-based Resident Evil there are some fans that aren’t too happy with Capcom right now. We’re not talking about a handful of angry gamers ranting in a forum hidden in some dark corner of the internet. This is an organized group of dedicated Resident Evil fans that have come together with a single goal: to get Capcom to reanimate the Outbreak series.

Their online petition highlights some of the things they’d like, but try as I might when I read it I can’t help but picture a group of people holding Mega Man hostage until Capcom accepts their demands. I’m definitely behind a third Outbreak so long as it’s multi-platform, and I can see remastered editions (a la the upcoming Revival Selection) of the original games doing well only if the tank-like controls are fixed. What do you think? Is Raccoon City enough for you or would you rather have an Outbreak File #3?



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