If This Secret World Video Doesn't Get The Gears In Your Brain Turning, I Don't Know What Will - Bloody Disgusting!

If This Secret World Video Doesn’t Get The Gears In Your Brain Turning, I Don’t Know What Will

The Secret World is an MMO. Let’s not beat around the bush about it. I’m excited for it. I would never play WOW, but I can get into The Secret World. It basically takes place modern day, except the world is a much different place. Think monsters, zombies, vampires, if you watch the video below, every rumor you’ve ever hear isn’t a rumor. The fountain of youth is poisoned, there is a city on the moon, the earth is hollow, the Tower of Babel never fell. That’s just a few of the things this game will be showing us. Watch.

I’ve never been an MMO person but this game has my attention and has had it since the first zombie filled trailer. Modern day me, can have magical powers, swords, guns, whatever I want to save the world from all of these unleashed horrors. I have even more faith in the game since E.A. plans to publish the game alongside developers Funcom. And as of right now it is still being released on the Xbox 360 as well as the PC. This is exactly the kind of game I’m looking forward to playing with a bunch of my friends.