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These Alice Screens Show Unicorn Scepters, Baby Faced Monsters & An Evil Tea Kettle

We’ve been patiently waiting for Alice: Madness Returns for a decade now but that long wait is finally nearing its end. Come June 14th, we’ll finally have a chance to get a much needed dose of insanity when the game hits store shelves. To tide you over until that day I have a handful of delightfully deranged screens that I guarantee will only make you hunger for this game even more. (Disclaimer: if you’re not interested in this game and/or the following screenshots do nothing for you then you can totally blame that on TJ.)

The more I see of Alice’s next adventure down the rabbit hole the more excited I get. In a way the game reminds me of Brutal Legend, in that it’s this hyper-stylized unique world that’s different from what other games are doing. Super realistic graphics are so last year, demonic tea kettles and unicorn scepters are where it’s at. Click that little Read More link to check out the rest of the screens.



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