Brand New Operation Raccoon City Screens Shamble Out of Captivate

For the unaware, Capcom’s annual festival of all things, well, Capcom, is going on right this very minute. This means there’s going to be a lot of zombie related headlines as Dead Rising 2 and the multiple Resident Evil titles take over the headlines. One of our most anticipated games of 2011 is the recently unveiled Operation Raccoon City, a game we’re pretty sure is going to rock.

In case you’re still not completely sold on the game I suggest you check out this brand new batch of screenshots. Take these with a grain of salt since the game is still quite a ways off that means there’s ample time left to polish up the visuals a bit. Instead I suggest staring at the screens while fantasizing about ridding Raccoon City of pesky zombies and innocent civilians. We won’t know for sure if this is a worthy successor to the Outbreak series until the game releases sometime this winter, but so far it’s looking pretty damn good.

Source: Dead Pixels Video Game News for You & Your Hungry Eyeballs