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Second Operation Raccoon City Trailer Targets Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil is having another go with the multiplayer centric Operation Raccoon City, and while the game’s debut trailer didn’t offer us much in the way of story, our second look at the game aims to remedy that. Operation Raccoon City brings back several characters that should be familiar to fans of the series but it would seem Resident Evil 4 star Leon Kennedy is going to be the most prevalent. The Umbrella Security Service (USS) has Leon square in their sights and even his wise-cracking ways and ability to perform a damn cool suplex won’t be terribly helpful against a team of highly trained soldiers.

Did Leon just die? Maybe, or perhaps it’s a trick to get us all riled up for the game. I think I remember a similar stunt being pulled on us for Resident Evil 5 when its trailers showed Jill Valentine’s grave. I’m on to you, Capcom. Now that we’re starting to get to know each member of the USS team a little better I think I’ve decided on who I’ll be playing as. Will it be the bulky badass that is Beltway? The bug-eyed Spectre? Or how about Bertha, the German dominatrix? Nope, I’m going with Vector. I have a weakness for the strong, silent type. If you’d like a closer look at the USS soldiers, head past the break for some incredibly detailed artwork. If all this just isn’t enough to get you foaming at the mouth for Operation Raccoon City, you could always trot on over to our premature evaluation to see how amped TJ and I are for this game. Spoiler: We’re pretty psyched.



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