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Hydrophobia Gets A Much Needed Makeover

When it first released on XBLA last September Hydrophobia wasn’t met with much love. Other than the water physics the game didn’t look very good and there were quite a few technical issues on top of that. Fortunately, developer Dark Energy genuinely wants gamers to try their game, so they’ve taken a look at all the feedback and are working on releasing the ultimate version of the game, dubbed Hydrophobia Prophecy. Apparently, upwards of 70% of the game has been reworked including new game models, tweaked combat, technical fixes and even a new ending.

So far Prophecy has only been announced for Steam and PSN, with the game coming out for the latter on May 9th. No word yet on when, or if, Xbox owners will get a taste of the heavily modified game, but I sincerely hope they do. Head past the break for the game’s debut trailer and a bunch of wet ‘n wild screenshots.



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