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Bunny The Zombie Slayer

When we all think of the Easter Bunny we think of an extra large cute bunny that is basically the Santa Claus of eggs and baskets. Not this Easter Bunny. Though he looks fluffy and cute with his big sparkly eyes, all he is out to do is protect some kids who are trying to enjoy Easter from hordes of zombies.

The Easter Bunny is a bit unstable and has a full arsenal of unexpected weapons made from his wonderous Easter goodies. Bunny The Zombie Slayer can be picked up now from the Apple Store for a wallet busting 99 cents. Screens past the break.

“At Hothead, we strive to produce the most innovative, fun games possible with a unique twist and I’m happy to say Bunny the Zombie Slayer follows that mold”, said Hothead Producer Joel DeYoung. “Like most heroes, we felt that this Bunny had attitude and a fearless streak and we are happy to give gamers of all ages a fun way to interact with a very brave rabbit.”



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