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E3: The Wii U Offers Plenty of Ways to Play

Earlier this morning Nintendo’s followup to their hugely successful Wii was unveiled with the monicker Wii U and it’s pretty exciting. Arguably the most innovative thing about it is its controller, which is great if you have to share a television since it allows you to continue playing on the controller’s screen should you have to give up the TV. Oh, and it’s backwards compatible with the Wii’s games as well as its peripherals, so that’s pretty great too.

One thing we didn’t touch on when covering the console’s reveal was the myriad of ways to play the Wii U. If you head past the break you can find all of the ways you’ll be able to experience your games (I’ll give you a hint: there’s more than six ways) when it violently breaks down retail shelves sometime next year.



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