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Fatal Seduction Review: The Most Perfect F#@ked Up Game I’ve Ever Played

I don’t even know where to begin. Tonight as I was downstairs working on some news my friend Kiel came down and told me to come upstairs immediately. He said he just played a game I had to play right away. Fatal Seduction is it’s name. Never heard of it? Same here. Well, it just came out in the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games section from Silver Dollar Games. They specifically make tons of indie games.

Head past the break to read my short yet sweet review of one of the most fucked up incredible games I’ve ever played, about “The World’s Youngest Serial Killer”. The Baby Factor: There is no baby factor. You’ll find out why once you play this game.

As you could see from the video, the game takes place on a chalkboard. It side scrolls along at its own pace as you play as 8 year old Emily Ritter “The World’s Youngest Serial Killer”. It starts off with her talking to Dr. Brian Winters (shrink). He asks her why she is here, and she starts explaining what happened; all the events leading up to her being in a mental hospital. You play through them with her as a chalk drawing as the event unfold.

I seriously don’t want to give anything else away really. The game is short. Maybe 10 minutes long. But what happens in that 10 minutes will blow your mind. My jaw was wide open the entire time I was playing the game. Left and right I was in awe. Not because of any incredible graphics or gameplay, but the complete madness that is the story, the eerie music to follow you through, and the completely demonic chalk drawings.

The Final Word: Play this game. Buy it. It’s ONLY 1 dollar. I know it’s only 10 minutes long, but TRUST ME it’s well worth it. Play it again and pay even more attention to everything you probably missed your 1st time through. I push this in hopes to see perhaps an even more insane sequel.



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