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Toy Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayer’s Scythe

Buffy grew on me. The film was fun but I still don’t feel the need to own it- at least until a decent edition gets released. The TV show? Meh. I’d seen enough of it to know I’d get to it someday. Then they came out with that stupid cube of DVD’s and a couple button clicks on Amazon later I found myself watching every single episode in order and loving it. Same with Angel. Vampire-lite to be sure but heavy on story arc, a genuine sense of good fighting evil, destiny and free will combining to create a palpable cosmos of myth…
So what’s a good geek to do? I looked at the collection of Buffy figures that I’d been sent by Sideshow over the years went on Ebay re-bought my Sideshow Gentlemen figures from the Hush Episode, eventually purchased the Buffy Premium Format Figure and even dug out my Buffy Season One Promo mini-stake that I’d been sent by Fox back in the day. Needless to say I felt Buff enough. Until I saw this beauty that is. I don’t collect weapons either for the most part, though I do have a Exc. Hellboy II Samaritan on order with Sideshow. But this just gives me a different feeling when I pick it up. In the show the Slayer’s Scythe can only be wielded by the Slayer herself and is a weapon of immense power meant for use in the greatest battle she will ever fight.

This heavyweight exact replica of Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s personal Slayer’s Scythe is awesome and authentic down to the last detail including the one thing that I would nitpick. Meant to imitate Ostrich leather the handled strap is preprinted, not textured enough and overall somewhat chintzy compared to dynamic stylings, great coloration and chrome job and overall presentation of this piece. Diehards might also complain that the axe end itself isn’t sharpened but trust me this was a wise choice on the part of Factory X. The stake end is very sharp and you’ll want to be careful monkeying around with this thing as its easy to poke yourself when you’re goofing around.

But of course die-hards should have no problem at all removing and replacing this material with a rough leather strap. It’s basically a choice between maintaining the collectability and having it look a little better. Normally at these prices I want perfection but this is such a minor point I had no problem with it. I’ve had this piece long enough that even those who have no idea what show its from generally pick it up when they come into my office.

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