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Chris Sivertson to Produce New Indie Thriller ‘The Absent’

Chris Sivertson (The Lost, Wicked Lake, I Know Who Killed Me) is back again producing yet another indie feature film. Principal photography is about to get underway for Sage Bannick’s The Absent, which is expected to wrap by October 6th. Inside you’ll find the full synopsis and casting.
Last Night, LLC announces the commencement of principal photography for the horror-thriller “The Absent.” Directed by Sage Bannick (“Just Hustle”), the feature will be shot in and around the Winthrop, Washington area beginning September 26th.

Chris Sivertson (director: “I Know Who Killed Me) is producing, alongside Lorna Paul (“Uncharted”). Mike Josten (“Night of the Demons”) is executive producing.

“The Absent” centers on Vincent, a high school teacher forced to choose between career and a love affair with Katie, one of his students. The pressure mounts when his twin brother, Oscar, returns to town after serving 25 years in jail for killing their parents. One by one Katie’s friends disappear, prompting the local Sheriff to target Vincent as the number one suspect. Vincent knows his brother is involved, but is unable to catch him in the act until the final scene. By then it is too late. The hunter becomes the hunted.

Cast includes Bryan Kirkwood (“Hellbent,” “Forsaken”) as Vincent with Yvonne Zima (“ER,” “Long Kiss Goodnight”) as Katie. The homicidal twin, Oscar, is played by Bryan’s real life twin brother, Denny Kirkwood (“Never Been Kissed,” Groove”). Sam Ball (“13 Going on 30,” “Pumpkin”) plays the sheriff and Kelly Eviston (“Home of the Brave,” “Mozart & the Whale”) is the school principal. Vanessa Zima (“Ulee’s Gold,” “Wicked”) rounds out the cast along with Matthew Josten (“Chicken Little,” “The Drew Carey Show”) and Jennifer Blanc (“The Crow,” “Dark Angel”).

The screenwriters for “The Absent” are Sage Bannick, Damon Abdallah and Ari Bernstein. Bernstein is also editing.

The film will be lensed in the towns of Winthrop, Twisp and Mazama, Washington. Second unit photography was completed in Los Angeles in August. Post production will take place at Lalamino Studios on the big island of Hawaii.

Production is expected to wrap by October 6th.

Director Sage Bannick is enthusiastic about shooting in Washington instead of Los Angeles.

“After battling the Hollywood system over financing and studio cost, Last Night, LLC decided to go grass roots and shoot the film on a shoestring budget with help from friends and family,” Bannick says. “We wanted to make a film the way George Romero did when he shot “Night of the Living Dead,” or Robert Rodriguez with “El Mariachi.”

“Oscar may slash high school students but he’s bringing independent cinema back to life,” continues Bannick. “Slash and Burn… Slash the students, burn the building and blow up a car while we are at it.”



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