Rob Zombie Returns to Haddonfield for 'Halloween 2'? - Bloody Disgusting
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Rob Zombie Returns to Haddonfield for ‘Halloween 2’?



Some very interesting developments come in this morning courtesy of Shock, who report that Rob Zombie has officially come on board to write and direct Halloween 2 for Dimension Films. They also write that filming is slated for March, which means Zombie will have to hit the gas on writing a script, unless he’s secretly been developing it over the past few months. Sources close to us have told us that Zombie has been asked repeatedly to produce the remake, and Zombie even told us he wouldn’t stick his name on something unless he was actually involved in the creative process. We’ve put out calls and e-mails to various sources attempting to get some sort of confirmation (and the silence makes me think something is definitely up), we’ll get back to you with an update as soon as it comes in. If this is true, I guess we can scratch T-REX off the slate for awhile. Post your thoughts beyond the break!


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