Loads More Coming to Blu-ray From Blue Underground

In addition to announcing TWO EVIL EYES, The Digital Bits also reports that Blue Underground will be brining CIRCLE OF IRON to Blu-ray on 5/19 (the date is tentative). BAD BOY BUBBY and LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE are also on tap for Blu-ray later in 2009. We’re also told that the following titles are among those being planned, but they require a lot of HD restoration work, so look for them in either late 2009 or 2010: FIRE AND ICE, THE CRAZIES, THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, VAMPYRES, THE BLOOD SPLATTERED BRIDE, GOD TOLD ME TO, THE PROWLER, THE NEW YORK RIPPER, MANIAC and VIGILANTE.

Source: Digital Bits