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Craven’s Idea for ‘The Hills Have Eyes 3’

Even though Fox Atomic’s The Hills Have Eyes sequel didn’t destroy at the box office (37m worldwide), there is already talk of a third installment in the franchise, which began once again with Alex Aja’s reboot back in 2006. After a screening of The Last House on the Left this evening we chatted with Wes Craven about the Hills franchise and where it could go.
The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)Another well known Wes Craven film that was remade was The Hills Have Eyes (1977), which was remade by Fox Atomic back in 2006. Three years later, there is new talk of a third film in the franchise and Craven knows exactly where he wants to take it…

There’s discussion about a possible Hills 3 and we’ll take it in a totally different direction,” while also explaining that the film will not go straight-to-disc, “I’m not interested in doing straight-to-video. If it can’t make it in theaters then…

He continues talking about his ideas for a third film in the franchise that focuses on a mutant civilization living on through the ages after being radiated by atomic tests in the nearby desert.

There are a lot of good movies still in that concept,” he explains, “you know The Outsiders and I’d like to flip it actually and have them integrated a little into our society and run into prejudice or something…because they have this ability to survive anything, maybe be recruited by the society that’s about to throw them out.




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