New Horror Anthology 'Beneath The Flesh' Gets DVD Date - Bloody Disgusting!

New Horror Anthology ‘Beneath The Flesh’ Gets DVD Date

Arriving on May 26 from Pathfinder Pictures is Randall Kaplan’s anthology Beneath The Flesh. “Beneath The Flesh” is a collection of nightmares that will crawl under your skin and burrow it’s way into your mind. Click here for the trailer, while below you’ll find the box art and synopses for each short.
In “Id”, a man is tormented by love and a twisted creature in his apartment.

In “The Basement”, two men confront each other in a damp, filthy basement.

In “The Child”, a withered man nurtures a growing creature.

In “The Insides”, a man believes something is growing inside him.

Finally, in “Boxhead”, an old man is visited by a childhood friend that could be his darkest nightmare.

The victim in each story is forced to confront a fear that is eating them from the inside out. Their choice? Deal with the fear or die with it. Special Feature includes: Special Interview with the Director and Still Gallery.