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B-D Gets Second Chance at Halle Berry in ‘Surrogate’

Six years after being turned away from the Gothika junket, Bloody-Disgusting will have another chance to go toe-to-toe with Oscar winner Halle Berry as she’s in talks to join 20th Century Fox’s thriller The Surrogate. Back in 2003 Berry refused to admit B-D into the junket for Gothika deeming us “too scary” (I’m not kidding), thankfully her performance was the only thing that was truly scary. Based on the 2004 book by Kathryn Mackel, Surrogate centers on a couple desperate to have a child who find themselves in an unbearable position when they find out the surrogate they hired to carry their baby is insane. Berry would play the wife who wants to have the child.
Halle Berry in Gothika



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