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Get Ready for One Helluva Cool ‘Jaws’ Toy

Mike Schultz has been busy making sharks. Extremely busy. A Missouri 911 operator by night and an artisan by day, Mike’s newest rendition is scheduled to be released sometime next summer to coincide with the anniversary of JAWS. Read on to see what they have in store for you!
Due to access of far better reference material, this is an entirely NEW and far more accurate sculpt than Schultz or anyone else has done thus far. Years of research and passion went into making this the ultimate BRUCE maquette fans worldwide have been waiting for. No detail, tooth, or scar was ignored in the process. Spielberg’s art director Joe Alves has also been brought into the project as a consultant to ensure its attention to detail.

According to Schultz, “This model represents the more detailed and slimmer ‘platform Bruce’, post Shark City build, but pre-waterlogged/damaged Bruce depicted later in the film. The skin accuracy and detail is staggering, and when I stare at the finished model even from a distance it looks like the huge mechanical shark with it’s urethane skin stretched over a tube steel frame during production of the film. Which is exactly the kind of extreme museum quality accuracy I was striving for.

I’m very excited about this release for myself, and my fellow fans. This is a big big fish, and a bigger project with several people involved behind the scenes. BRUCE NTT was made by a finfan…for finfans that know and love this film and for anyone just discovering its artistry and mystique, or simply for someone who’s not the biggest fan but wants the ultimate conversation piece”.

Licensing by Universal Studios as a very limited edition official ‘Jaws’ collectible is planned. This Bruce NTT piece is a full length nose to tail maquette and dwarfs Sideshow’s latest rendition at a little over 3 feet. Further information and photos to be released over the summer. Manufacturer/Distributors are still being sourced. Discussions with HK based HotToys are underway.

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