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SDCC ’09: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Footage Description!



We’re reporting live from the San Diego Comic Con where Warner Bros. Pictures just showed the first ever footage from New Line Cinema and Platinum Dunes’ reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which now arrives in theaters April 30, 2010. We’re gonna pop up the Q+A when it shows up online, but until then, read on for the footage description.
The clip opens in an exterior shot of an old abandoned factory where Freddy Krueger (as a man) is being chased by a mob to the building. Clancy Brown’s character lights a bottle with fire, Freddy yells, “What do you think I did?

He gets lit up, lights on fire, runs outside screaming.

Cut to the twins, one with a slash in her clothes.

Shot of Freddy’s hat.

Back to twins jump roping.

Close-up of Freddy’s glove scratching steel.

Freddy’s hat agan on a box, silence, Freddy’s eyes appear behind them.

They show the girl in a blood body bag in the school.

Close-up of scratchhhhhhh, sparks.

Rooney Mara (Nancy) is in the boiler room. It’s dark Freddy is there, walking towards her.

Flashes begin, we see all sorts of imagery ranging from Tina floating to the ceiling, slashes and then LOGO. Bam.

Ready or not, here I come.” – Jackie Earle Hely as your new Freddy Krueger.



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