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Red Carpet Conversations with Megan Fox, Diablo Cody and Adam Brody!

Last night, Hot Topic and FOX joined forces to bring the Hollywood premiere of Jennifer’s Body, the new horror-comedy starring the obscure, virtually unknown actress Megan Fox and written by Juno Oscar-Winner Diablo Cody. As Bloody was near the end of the line we didn’t get as much time as we’d like with Fox or Cody, but three quick questions are better than none, and we also snagged Adam Brody (who steals the film) for a few minutes. So keep reading for these “interviewettes”, and check out the film, opening Friday the 18th.

Megan Fox red carper premiereFirst up BC chatted with Adam Brody, where he asked, “So this is your first trip back to horror since The Ring, what’s up with that? You don’t like us?”

I like you plenty, it’s just… nothing came my way, you know? I tend to get less horror scripts than the usual hunky dudes.

Bordy explains that he thought BODY was more of a comedy than a horror film when he first read it, but things changed after his initial viewing.

[It was] more as a comedy when I read it, then when I saw it, I kind of thought it more of a horror [film],” Brody explains. “It came out darker and artier than I thought it would. Then I saw it a 2nd time, after I’ve already gotten used to the darkness, then I thought it was funny again. I think it’s got a nice push-pull.

In the film Brody plays a band leader, he reveals it wasn’t him singing.

I wish, but no. Ryan Levine wrote the song and he plays the guitarist in the movie, and that’s his voice.

BC also chatted a bit with Brody about John Carpenter’s THE THING, who explains why it’s one of his favorites.

I like the music actually, that one bass line is really cool. But like, John Carpenter shot that movie like a Michael Mann movie; it’s widescreen, it’s still… I love these early 80s movies, with a 70s aesthetic. Kurt Russell is great too, that’s his coolest movie. They legitimately do a couple of scares that catch you off guard, and they’re original and disgusting. And I like the Antarctica setting.


Academy Award winner Diablo Cody was also on the red carpet, where BC asked when are we getting Mondo Diablo 2? [Cody programmed a festival titled “Mondo Diablo” last year at The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.]

It’s gonna happen, as soon as I have some spare time,” she reveals. “I’m very excited about it.

BC segways into JENNIFER’S BODY by asking Cody what she’d show alongside BODY in a double feature.

Actually… I would pair it with CREEPSHOW. I wanted to show it last time, but Eli Roth stole it from me.

A lot of people were wondering when exactly BODY was written, Cody explains she penned it about the same time as JUNO.

I wrote this around the same time I wrote JUNO, and kind of sat on it for a couple years, and then after JUNO I had the opportunity to make another movie, which is great, so they said ‘What do you want to do?’ and I said ‘I have this, I want to do this.’ And then Megan came on board and we were able to go forward.

It’s obvious (and well known) that Cody is a bit horror fan, she states her influences on JENNIFER’S BODY.

Definitely CARRIE, a little [George A.] Romero…and I love Sam Raimi, though I would say this movie is more of a slow burn than the kind of kinetic Raimi style. Really, all kinds of vintage horror movies; we definitely wanted to have that warmth, not that anti-septic, computerized look that movies have now.

But in the end, what she delivered was a horror comedy.

I think of it as both. I notice people responding to it as a comedy more, but it definitely has thrills and jumps.


One of the big catches of the night was getting to talk with Megan Fox on the red carpet, where she explained that they didn’t have to do too much prosthetics.

It doesn’t get that crazy, no green-screen or anything. It’s basic, old school special effects Hollywood.

While it looks like she won’t be back for a sequel, she does say that she’d do more horror if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Well, it’s a comedy with horror elements, but yeah I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my character can’t come back for a second one, if I can say that, but yeah I would to do something like it, but if they could figure out a way to bring me back then I would love to do another one.

So who knows, maybe if the film is a success we’ll see some more of Fox’s body?

Before heading into the premiere, BC asked Fox one last question, “If you did another horror movie, would you want to play the villain again, or kick some ass, Ripley-style?”

I have fun being the monster,” Fox exclaims flashing a devlish smile.

JENNIFER’S BODY is in theaters everywhere tomorrow.

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body



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