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SCREAM ’09: Jamie King on Unnerving ‘Mother’s Day’ Shoot

One of the more interesting conversations we had on the red carpet of the 2009 Scream Awards (airing Tuesday, October 27 at 10:00PM ET/PT) was with Mother’s Day star Jamie King, who took a day off from a brutal shoot to talk with press. Beyond the break you can read about a crazy on set fiasco that happened tonight(!), along with how the film feels like an unnerving documentary.
When asked if she was wrapped on MOTHER’S DAY, she explains she had one more week to go.

No, I fly back in like 6 hours for one more week,” she tells Bloody Disgusting adding a bit about her character. “I play the lead role, my character, her name is Beth, and she’s a very traumatized woman. She just lost her child about 9 months ago and then their house is unintentionally invaded and then she has to basically – you know it’s `what would you do to protect the ones you love and yourself?’

I am one of the captives,” she continues, “my captivity, it’s all the way through. It’s not the ensemble, mine’s more of the lead captive.

Earlier today director Darren Bousman was Tweeting about some crazy events that occurred on the set. “OMG our actors just got pulled over by six cops with guns drawn while filming a Gun scene! cops thought it was REAL!!!!” He adds, “ turns out there was a bank robbery, the police saw our actors with guns! luckily the police were VERY cool! just doing their job!

I asked Jamie about the fiasco and she told us she’s glad she missed it.

I heard! It’s crazy…I missed it. I’m glad I missed it as I’ve had plenty of fiascos.

While Bousman has openly said it’s not an insanely violent movie, King does say she gets a nice dose of blood sprayed on her. “I get pretty bloody sometimes and I even ask for extra blood. Like in one scene I’m like `Can I get some more blood in my mouth?’ I don’t know why, it just looked cool.

And while it’s not incredibly bloody, MOTHER’S DAY is going to be an unnerving movie because it’s based on true events.

It’s very uncomfortable, it’s not like a horror film, everything that happens in it has happened in real life and so it’s really disturbing because you know that what these people have gone through has actually really happened,” adding that the way it’s shot lends to the terror. “And it’s shot in a way that feels almost like a documentary so when I watch the scenes back its really disturbing because I know its real.

MOTHER’S DAY is aiming for a release Mother’s Day of 2010.



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