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Ridley Scott Talks ‘Alien’ Prequel and Timeline



During a new interview with UK Magazine Empire, Ridley Scott talked a bit about the forthcoming Alien prequel being developed over at 20th Century Fox. “It’s a brand new box of tricks,” said Scott. “We know what the road map is, and the screenplay is now being put on paper. The prequel will be a while ago. It’s very difficult to put a year on Alien, but [for example] if Alien was towards the end of this century, then the prequel story will take place thirty years prior.” The film is set up to be a prequel to the groundbreaking 1979 film that Scott directed. It will precede that film, in which the crew of a commercial towing ship returning to Earth is awakened and sent to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planetoid. The crew discovers too late that the signal generated by an empty ship was meant to warn them.


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